Yeah, I Made a Ko-Fi Page

Do you all remember when I tried to do the Patreon thing and it didn’t work out? Well, I may have shot myself in the foot again because I made a Ko-Fi page!

The reason I made a Ko-Fi page is that I’ve *basically* moved out of my parents’ house and am paying rent, groceries, and other expenses each month. With my current part-time job, I can only manage rent, groceries, busing, and other essentials with a small amount of money for all other things.

Making videos is not cheap. I have to pay for video editing software each month, and I need lighting for my videos so I’m not restricted to certain times of the day to film, and I have other creative, video-related ambitions which unfortunately also are expensive. It can add up to a lot of money, and that doesn’t include the books I buy to read and for my videos. For books, it comes out of my personal account.

So this is not the post where I obligate you to give me money.

You are not obligated to give me anything, you can enjoy my content, my YouTube videos, etc. without having to give me any monetary support. But this is basically a tip jar to tell me, “Hey, I enjoy your content, here’s something to ease the stress of life and help you to make your videos better!”

If you are in any way interested at all in my content you can find it on this blog or below with these links, also I will link my Ko-Fi in with them, just in case. Thank you so much, everyone, for your continued support and your future support.