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For my reviews, I usually will create a lengthy written review on my site or a video review on my YouTube channel, Ce Reads, (or both if I am really passionate about the book).

(disclaimer: ratings for a book can change after time, so a book review I do now that I may rate five stars might change to a four-star in the years ahead. This does happen frequently as opinions change, but it will be noted in the review. These reviews are solely my opinion and are nothing against the author, people who liked the book, or the publisher. Read what you will.)

Rating Scales


-This book was absolutely amazing! I would highly recommend it and it is going on my favourite books list immediately!

-The characters had development, the plot kept me hooked, and I could not put this one down!


-This book was great! It had some minor and one major issue that made me take off a star, but overall I finished the book completely satisfied.

-The characters had development, the plot was great.


-This book was good. It did have many issues; a lot of minor issues and a couple of major issues, but I enjoyed and was entertained when I read it. It wasn’t a bad book.

-The characters were alright, and the plot was ok; nothing truly blew my socks off. I had trouble picking this book back up; I was not motivated to read this.


-I did not like this book. It had many minor and major issues. I was still entertained in some aspects, but overall I would not recommend this book.

-The characters felt unreal, the plot seemed weird. I probably finished this book out of spite.


-I did not care for this book. I probably DNFed (Did Not Finish) it. If I did finish it, it was most definitely out of hoping the book would get better. (It didn’t).  I will not recommend this book at all. In fact, I would warn people about it.

-If I did finish it, it was most definitely out of hoping the book would get better. (It didn’t). I will not recommend this book at all. In fact, I would warn people about it.

Did Not Finish

I reserve the right to not finish a review copy, whether for reasons of lack of enjoyment or lack of readability, ecetera. I will create a review regardless if I finish the book or not. Included within my review, I will clearly disclose that I did not finish the book, how much I did complete and outline the reasons why I did not complete it.


I mention in my reviews if the book in question is diverse and/or is own-voices. I also how well in mine and other reviewers opinion, it represents itself.

(disclaimer: I cannot speak for who I’m not so I will research and provide links to other own-voices reviews of diverse books to see if there is proper representation from people who can speak from experience).

Diverse meaning containing POC/non-caucasian characters, characters from the LGBTQIAP community, characters with disabilities/disorders/illness/diseases etc.

Own-Voices meaning the author/writer is writing from personal experience. Say they are writing about a gay character who identifies as male, and the author is a gay male, then it is own-voices. Own-Voices does not mean a character who went to high school and an author who also went to the same high school, for example.

Genres I Read

I read a variety of genres, and I’m open to very many genres. I do mostly read YA, however, I am open to NA and Adult Fiction.

  • Sci-Fi
  • Fantasy
  • Historical
  • Contemporary
  • Mystery/Thriller/Suspense
  • Horror
  • Manga/Comics/Graphic Novels
  • Self-Help

I’m open to reading classics, romance, and non-fiction memoirs, however, they are a hit or miss for me, depending on the synopsis of the book.

Genres I Do Not Read

  • Erotica
  • Non-Fiction – Science and/or another specialized field

Where To Contact Me About Requesting A Review

My email to inquire about requests is cereadsinquiries[@]* (without the square brackets)

*Please only provide requests and business inquiries.

I do also have a Net Galley account, which you can inquire about through email as well.

Professional Reader

Requests are currently:


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