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Life, Reading, Channel, & Blog Update

Good morning, friends! I hope you are all doing well! I am definitely doing better than I had these past few months.

It has certainly been a long time since I last posted on both my YouTube and my blog. I took an unannounced hiatus from both platforms, as loss of motivation, mental health, and focusing on my new job made it difficult for me to figure out ideas on what to post, or to even write or film something. I am kind of over apologising for taking breaks, however, I wish I made it more known that I took that hiatus.

I do hope I will be posting more often, both on my blog and YouTube in the coming months. Next month is my birthday month so I might do something special then, though I am not sure what. Maybe a video Q&A or something, if anyone cares to ask me questions. Let me know if that’s something you’d like to see, or if there is anything you’d like to see in the future.

Let us get into some updates!

My Career Path & Mental Health

Ever since I was hospitalised and quit my job with the government, I have been in a kind of state of limbo. Obviously, there was the getting better part, which was hard in itself. But this feeling of career limbo stuck around as I applied for job after job and went to interview after interview. I then ultimately made a decision.

As I really enjoyed my time learning to be a library technician and getting my diploma for that field, I felt as if it was not calling to me as a potential career anymore. Maybe I will pursue something along those lines in the future, but for now, I felt it wasn’t something I could feasibly do at this time.

This decision didn’t necessarily backfire on me, but it made me face the unknown and anxiety that had been bubbling up to the surface. I was so worried. I felt stuck in this unknown and wondered if I would ever find something I was meant to do.

I do now have a job, that I started in June, but it’s not something I want to do forever. It’s a retail job, in an Italian grocery/take-out. We make a lot of our dishes from scratch, including the pasta. I really like the job, it is just the right amount of busy for me. My coworkers are really nice too, as well as the management. I ultimately want to use this as a way to heighten my customer service skills, get more experience in a professional environment, and use my paycheques for day-to-day expenses, as well as to save money.

Back to School?

I am definitely saving money for the “just in case” reasoning, but I also want to save more money for going back to school in Fall 2019. This time, I plan on going to University and majoring in English.

It is something I am really passionate about; reading and writing are some things that obviously enjoy and it seems like the perfect fit for me. I plan on going to an Open House for the program this Saturday. Fingers crossed this is everything I hope it will be!



I was in sort of a slumpy reading state this year. At some points, I did not feel like picking up a book and by May I had only read eight books, and I have currently, as of October 23rd, only read 21 books. I was so motivated to read this year, as you may remember from my huge goal of making my To Be Read pile zero by 2020. As it gets closer and closer to 2019, I feel like I am going to fail this goal completely. I have a considerably large TBR and I don’t even know how big my TBR is now. However, I am not giving up. Just because I was slumpy this year, doesn’t mean I will be slumpy next year.

I think I’m *officially* absolutely going on a book buying ban until at least after Christmas, maybe longer. If I get gift cards or something for my birthday though… those purchases don’t count. It is only if I spend my own money on books. I think would like to finish at least 45 books before I start buying again. Or more.


Channel & Blog

I’m not sure if my hiatus is officially over quite yet. I do plan on making another collective book haul video at some point. Also, an unhaul video, as I unhauled some books from my collection a couple months ago and they are still sitting in my basement.

I also plan on making more book reviews on this blog when I finish books, and writing discussion posts on various topics like I have done in the past.

So, nothing too radically different from my usual past content.


I hope you enjoyed this post updating you on what I have been doing and plan on doing. I do hope to post more frequently in the future on all my platforms, and possibly on my new book-stagram account that I have neglected for so long.


In Case You Missed It: The Gratefulness Realization

Here is the most recent video on my channel! It is a life update-y sort of thing, so if you’re interested in why I’ve been on hiatus on my YouTube channel, it’s worth a watch.

If you like my content and would like to support me further than just hitting subscribe, I have a Patreon of which you can pledge as low as $1. You get rewards for being a monthly patron, such as extra content, early access videos, polls on new content and much more! Click here to check it out!

If you’re more into one time pledges, I also have a Ko-Fi, of which you can pledge here.

Thank you so much for the continued support, online and off. I wouldn’t be making videos without the excitement I have for books and support I gain from dear friends like you.

My 2018 Resolutions

Yes, it’s February. And yes, I said a while ago on Twitter I would most likely be posting a video of my 2018 resolutions (both bookish and not), but I’m here writing a blog post. I’m kind of discouraged with my YouTube channel at the moment, but I’ll be talking about that later in this post.

Without further ado, let’s get into the resolutions!



1) Read at least fifty books.

Last year I got close to my goal; though I read 35-ish books out of my goal of 50. I’m of course going to be counting audiobooks and rereads. I chose this number because I know that it is not unachievable for me. I won’t be upset if I don’t reach the goal in 2018, but I’m going to try my best.

2) Read more audiobooks.

I read some excellent audiobooks in 2017. I started listening to them on the tail-end of December 2016, and it was probably the best decision I have ever made. Audiobooks are excellent for commuting, as I don’t have a car, and doing chores. In 2018 I want to consume even more audiobooks, as to up my reading count. I usually get audiobooks from Overdrive via my public library.

3) Set a monthly book buying budget/buy fewer books.

I’m definitely going to be working on this goal for the rest of this year. In January I ended up buying so many books, most of them being from Christmas gift cards, but still, it seemed like a lot when I really kept track. I also unhauled over 100 books from my shelves recently, most of them being unread, so I want to reduce my book buying so I can read more of the books that I buy and not just let them sit on the shelf.

4) Write a review (or film one) for every new book I read.

This is sure to be one of my hardest resolutions for this year. But, I really want to flex my writing muscles and have more of a variety of reviews on Reading Arsenal. Also, if I get my YouTube channel up and running again, I might film video book reviews.

5) Write at least one blog post each month.

I don’t want to leave my followers completely in the dark when I go months without posting something. I’m still working up the courage to figure out stuff related to my YouTube channel, so I haven’t included it in this resolution.

6) Use my public library more.

So far, at least in the month of January, I have been using my library quite a bit. Along with borrowing audiobooks, I have been borrowing physical books as well as e-books. I am also planning on volunteering (if I can get a spot) with the Friends of the Library. If you did not know, I have a Library Technician diploma. Therefore, any library-related experience would help me in my field.

7) Attempt Zero-By-2020.

You may have heard of the “Zero TBR By –” challenge, but if not, basically it means I want my physical to be read pile to have zero books by 2020. I was inspired by Amanda Center on YouTube, as she attempted Zero By 2017 (or 2018, I think). My current To Be Read count is currently set at around 200 books, so it is sure to be a great feat for me to try and do this.

8) Decide some things about my YouTube channel.

You may have noticed I haven’t been posting a lot on my YouTube channel lately, whether you are subscribed or are pledging to my Patreon. Life got away from me as I mentioned in my previous life update. The short of it is that I have overcome a whole lot as of now, but I’m still not posting videos like I would like to. I guess it’s my perfectionism, or perhaps I’m not used to editing or being in front of the camera.

Anyways, the decisions I’m going to be making, due to my changing feelings are:

Is making videos enjoyable for me anymore or is it just a chore? Am I comfortable enough with my abilities and confident enough to do the entire process? And finally, do I want to continue making videos?

I have been feeling this way for a few weeks now. I hope it just a phase because I remember really loving the entire process of making videos, even when I wasn’t able to make videos. I’m still wishing to be creative, but I honestly don’t know how to go about it anymore.

Does anyone have any tips for getting out a creative lull? Leave a comment below!


9) Find a job.

I’m currently unemployed, so I don’t have a large income coming in. Luckily I have some money saved away, but that probably won’t last me for long. Currently, I’m finding it difficult to find positions, especially in retail (which is the only place I have experience) due to possibly the minimum wage being risen where I live and fewer jobs are being posted.

10) Stop lurking; start posting.

This goal is related to social media, such as Twitter and Instagram. I don’t post as often on Twitter as I used to, same with Instagram. If I try to post more, I think I can stretch my creative muscles with both writing and perhaps creative photography. I also want to occasionally start posting bookish related things on my Instagram.

11) Practice creative writing.

I love writing, seeing how long this post is. But, I really want to confidently say that I’m a creative writer. I haven’t been really writing creatively lately, but I definitely want to start. A far off dream of mine is to perhaps become an author, of what I’m still not sure. But, I still want to practice and hone my skills.

I hope you enjoyed my resolutions! Have I inspired you to start on your own resolutions? Would you like to share a few? Leave a comment down below!

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