Since I unfortunately can’t make the midnight showing of the very last Harry Potter movie, which is happening tonight by the way, I get to see it on Saturday. As I’ve repeatedly said in both private and the publicity of Facebook, I’m bringing my sister’s cheap Hermonie’s wand that lights up and makes noises when you wave it. Also, I’m planning going to the Theatre again to see it again because I’m a dork. I’ve been so excited for this ever since the book was released way back in July 21st, 2007. I went to the midnight release party in my hometown when I was living there.

In anticipation for this movie I was involved in a fight on a Facebook event page (which entailed that you say mischeif managed at the end of the movie, which I recommend all who see it do.) with a hater. I mean really, a hater of Harry Potter. That’s like, one in a million. I’m still pondering on whether it was a troll or the person was just stupid.

Anyways, last night, I read the last part of DH to refresh my memory, right at the point part one ended. I cried at three points in the novel, which I’m not gonna bother warning you because if you are reading this you obviously read the book and plan on watching the movie. The first point I cried was when Lupin came to Bill and Fleur’s cottage with news of Tonks having baby Teddy. The second time I cried was when Fred died, obviously, because I am literally in love with Fred and George and I secretly want them to be my big brothers (I guess this is not really much of a secret anymore). The very last time I cried, was when Harry went to the forbidden forest and was talking to the ghosts of his parents and Sirius and he asked them “Does it hurt?” referring to death. Sometimes, I don’t know why I cry at that point, but it’s one of my favourite parts in the entire book and I hope it’s in the movie.

We all know we will cry when people die in this, we all cried when Dobby died, not so much when Pettigrew died, we will cry when Fred, Lupin and Tonks die. Maybe some will cry when Snape or Nagini dies, I dunno. But one of the most insignificant deaths I believe, even when I re-read the book it still surprised me when he died. You know who I’m talking about, everyone’s favourite HP paparazzo: Colin Creevey.

 Besides the whole sadness of death and the end of Harry Potter, I’m extremely excited for the movie. It’s going to be hard coming out of this movie and convincing myself that this is it for the movies. But it won’t be it for HP. There’s still the DVD release of this movie to look forward to. Also Pottermore coming out in October. I still have HEX as well (Hogwarts Extreme, a Harry Potter Roleplaying website). No matter the case, Harry Potter will still live in our hearts for years to come and you can always tell your grandkids that you were around when the books and movies were released even though I was like seven months old when the first book was published. Anyways, long live Potter!